Technology Ideas for Content Area Writing

Pam Krambeck & Linda Peters, Presenters (Windows Lab)

ideabulb.gifEngage your student writers with technology! If you have wanted to integrate technology in the writing process but wasn't sure how, this is the session for you! Online tools as well as applications that are currently on the computer right in front of you can easily be incorporated into the writing process. Reviewing Tools in MS Word, Google Docs, Wikis, Blogs, and more ideas will be shared in this session. Come join the fun!

  • Wikispaces - (This is what you are using right now!) Share and collaborate in an online environment....add files, graphics, even video with Wikispaces! These spaces are free and can be "ad free" as long as they are used in an educational environment.

  • Blogger - Blogs are usually owned and edited by one person but they allow commenting by others. Create Blogs with Blogger (also a Google tool)

  • Reviewing Tools in Microsoft Word - Teacher or peer editing can be done easily using tools readily available in Microsoft Word. This mini course will show you how!

View Presentation on how to use Microsoft Word Reviewing Tools.