Six Traits Basics for Kindergarten Through Grade Two

Janet Foss, Presenter (Sarpy-Washington Room)

Do you wonder how to adapt the six-trait model when your students can barely hold a pencil? This basic workshop is just for primary teachers who want to know how the traits first show themselves in the writing of young children. Participants will spend the day learning strategies and lessons designed to make the traits meaningful by using the relationships between reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Today's Goals
  • Learn about the Six Traits of Writing model of instruction for primary students
  • Practice instructional activities to assist students with their writing
  • View strategies for embedding writing into the classroom routine


Google Doc of Today's Presentation

6-Traits One Page

Grades K-2 Rubric

6-Trait Assessment for Beginning Writers

List of Picture Books for Teaching the Traits

Six Trait Posters from the Writing Fix

Book Publishing Site Tikatok

Grades K-2 Technology Ideas Link