Technology Integration

Ideas for K-2

  • The Writing Fix Web Site: This is a good starting point for teachers who are looking for ideas on teaching writing with the 6-Trait Model. Ideas presented at this site will help teachers generate ideas on lessons, picture books to use, and writing activities to accompany the picture books.
  • Harcourt’s Prompts with Pictures Site This is a very simple site to help students get ideas for a story. This would be a good website to bookmark for students at an interactive learning station.

  • Picture Book Ideas for teaching the Idea Trait: Scholastic Books Know "up front" that the books that are suggested are "Scholastic" books--however many school libraries and classrooms have these books available. This site gives examples of picture books that can be used to encourage 6-Trait writing.

  • Reading as a "springboard" to writing: Starfall Web Site On-line books that can be read (audio available) along with student interaction make this a great site for beginning readers. The activities promote reading and writing at the K-2 level.

  • Peter Reynolds Author Web Site: (click on the "Ideas & Tips" link to find out more about writing)
  • Peter Reynolds North Star Web Site: (a site full of ideas for writing!):

  • Book Publishing Site - Lots of examples!!! Tikatok


  • Scrambled Poetry:An interactive web site where students can "put a poem" back together. This activity helps with organization.
  • Magnetic Letter Game:This interactive web site allows students to form new words by dragging word beginnings and endings together.

Samples ~ Templates ~ Writing Ideas
  • Use Powerpoint to create a simple book--each slide is a page making printing and assembly easy. Pictures are easily added, text is easily added and edited. Here is a sample template and a book that is filled in.
  • Scrabble Tiles: Use this MS Word template in printed form or better yet, in electronic format at one of your writing centers to create a writing challenge for your student journaling.

Books for student publishing Lintor Publishing